Creating Champions

One of the most important responsibilities we have as active citizens is to ensure our children, and students of all ages, have access to a productive, safe, and high-quality education.

Whether in Brockton or in pursuit of furthering his own education, Jean knows that being part of a community means being an ally for all our students.  Born in Haiti, then immigrating to the United States just over six years ago, Jean has first-hand experience with ESL (English as a Second Language) programs, and recognizes the importance of their expansion, and of the city’s support for them. If elected Mayor, Jean will create and implement new programs that support Brockton’s diversifying population. He will take the lead in developing a city-wide informational campaign, showing residents the growing importance of ESL programs in our community, the accessibility of existing programs, and that a diverse, multilingual city is a successful city.

Encouraging and accepting our City’s diverse student population is vital to our educational progress.  Jean is, and will continue to be, an advocate for an educational leadership team throughout the City that reflects our student body.

Improving all aspects of our student’s lives is something Jean truly believes in.  He will work hard to develop new and engaging after-school programs that meet the interests of our students, and that provide productive activities outside the classroom that encourage students to become engaged, active city residents. These programs not only enrich students’ academic experience, but assists working families.

Jean will work with the School Committee and school administrators to expand access to quality educational programming to students and families.  Our school system serves a diverse community of learners – children of all abilities, backgrounds and languages.  It is imperative that we ensure equity in programming, from special education and bilingual education to programs for advanced learners.

Jean believes we must remain committed to supporting quality arts and athletic programs, as well, because we want our Brockton students to have a well-rounded and rich learning experience. He will work with our school leaders to provide additional supports and outreach to parents, because if parents are our students’ first teachers, they need the knowledge to support classroom learning at home.

A Healthy Community is a Safe Community

In recent years, Brockton had a crime index of seventeen. 100 is the safest. Jean would address this by helping to develop a community-oriented policing strategy throughout the City, creating trust and more effective, positive relationships between public safety officials and residents.

Jean believes the City should take a more proactive role in fostering and nurturing these connections. The chief goal is harboring effective organizational strategies, community partnerships, and outreach in our schools; mechanisms that are proven to produce an immediate impact on the public safety issues that concern Brockton residents the most.

The bottom line is this: a community built on mutual trust is a healthy community, and a healthy community is a safe community.  Engagement and trust between our city’s police force, public safety officials, and residents is essential.

It is more important now than ever before.

While Jean will focus on immediate concerns, he also recognizes that a longer view is necessary. Finding creative ways for our youth to engage with our police officers will be critical for both improving upon our current work, and in developing long-term, positive relationships across the community.

If elected Mayor, Jean will get involved immediately, and he will focus his efforts on youth engagement. He believes in the comprehensive, tested-and-proven impact of programs in our public schools that foster more positive bonds between students and law enforcement.

And while community development helps police as well as the general public, Jean will also direct his energies toward the departmental needs of our police force.  He believes we must provide the necessary tools to our police officers so they can do their jobs effectively, keeping all of our residents safe.

Supporting a Robust Local Economy 

Jean Bradley..jpg

The economic vitality of the City of Brockton was once tied to its manufacturing sector, which has continued to wane over time, giving rise to an uncertain economic climate and stagnant growth. Recognizing that the future economic strength of Brockton is deeply rooted in the success of the small business community, Jean supports local initiatives to help prospective business owners open their doors while providing existing businesses with the tools they need to grow.
However, a thriving economic environment can only be fully realized when local residents have employment opportunities to pursue their professional goals. If elected Mayor, Jean would support efforts at the local level, in conjunction with state and federal partners, to reduce Brockton’s unemployment rate, which currently exceeds the average rate in the Commonwealth.* 

But this can’t be done alone. Cognizant of the importance of building local partnerships, Jean supports establishing a coalition of local business leaders, in addition to working with the local Chamber of Commerce, to tackle issues that have hindered economic development, including a review of the existing commercial tax rate, which surpasses many neighboring communities. ** 

Jean is optimistic about the economic outlook of the City of Brockton and its potential as a regional leader in business development. 

*Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Brockton Unemployment Rate 5.6% (Apr. 2015) compared to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts 4.7% (Apr. 2015).
**Source: City of Brockton, 2016 Commercial Tax Rate 32.02%. 

A Focus on Our Seniors

Senior citizens have spent a lifetime contributing the to the betterment of Brockton, and to our society as a whole. If elected Mayor, Jean would support programs that help aging residents lead healthy and active lives. 

This includes expanding effective programs currently offered through Senior Centers across the city and ensuring that the City of Brockton’s outreach services have the capacity to support the needs of elderly residents. 

While Jean’s candidacy infuses the energy of the Millennial Generation, Jean is committed to ensuring that the senior community has a strong voice in their local government. To advance this view, Jean prioritizes sitting down with local residents to discuss their concerns and how he can best represent their needs.