Dear Neighbor,

After immigrating to the United States from Haiti eight years ago, I’ve had the great fortune of being accepted into a welcoming community with tremendous potential.  That community is Brockton, and I am proud to call it home.  

The City is a diverse, vibrant place that has been home to champions for more than a century.  Regardless of whether your family has lived here for generations or if you’re a new resident, I think we can agree that our community is facing very real and significant challenges.  Stagnant economic development, inadequate investments in our youth and overarching public safety concerns are just a few.  The unfortunate reality is that these issues are not new.  They have plagued the City for decades.  

I’m running for Mayor of Brockton to help the City achieve its full potential and to work with residents to collectively try and solve these challenging issues.  We must support all of our opportunities for growth that will ultimately result in enhancing the quality of life for all residents— including our youth and elderly.    

While I may not know a miracle solution to address all of the issues before us, I do know that these issues do not define Brockton or the spirit and resiliency of its residents.  I also know that I will work tirelessly to pursue initiatives to help get Brockton back on the right foot.

Please join me in working together to restore a strong, flourishing community.  Now is our time.  Now is Brockton’s time. 

Most respectfully,